How Much Nettle Tea?

I am asked regularly how much nettle tea is sensible to drink. I think that generally you should drink no more than 3 cups every day. Although nettle tea is good for you you can only benefit from a regulated amount every day and drinking too much can result in other health problems… the opposite of what you want to get from drinking nettle tea!

Also consider the strength of the nettle tea, some people feel sick after one cup!

Nettle tea has many benefits (clue is in the name of this website) – but always check the strength of what you are drinking and try to keep below 3 cups a day.


Benefits of nettle tea

Benefits of nettle tea?

Guess what… Nettle tea is good for you! The benefits of nettle tea are numerous, and in this article, I hope to cover as many as possible.

Nettles may seem like a strange thing to have in tea. But the benefits of nettle tea are countless.

Nettles may seem like a strange thing to have in tea. But the benefits of nettle tea are countless.

Nettle tea is made from stinging nettle plants (Urtica Dioica), which grow in the wild in some parts of America, Asia and Europe. Nettle plants contain thousands of tiny spines which when touched, cause mild or serious irritation, depending on your reaction to the  plant. When the leaves of the nettle plant (Urtica Dioica) are cooked properly and made into nettle tea, these spines become harmless.  Drinking nettle tea regularly can help you get nutrients and vitamins which can make you healthier.

Nettle tea is great when properly cooked, with a range of benefits.
Nettle tea is great when properly cooked, with a range of benefits for health.

Nettle tea makes you happy?

The leaves of the plant are covered with thousands of hairs filled with acetylcholine, formic acid, histamine and serotonin (which ironically can improve how you feel!) Find out more about the natural (and beneficial) ingredients of nettle tea here.

Although stinging nettles can hurt you, they are very beneficial to your health when made in to nettle tea. Many people in the past used it to cure illnesses and now scientists have found proof that it really is beneficial and not just a fake herbal remedy!
One of the main benefits of nettle tea is that although you can definitely get stung by the spines, you cannot get stung by the tea when you drink it, which is good news for you!

Nettle tea for arthritis, acidic urine and allergies?

Drinking nettle tea can make your urine less acidic because it dilutes it and has been tested as a cure for arthritis. Nettle tea can even help relieve allergies because of its amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Eczema and acne can be treated with nettle tea for the same reason.
If you want to have a go at making some of your own nettle tea, then you can either go out exploring, or you can buy leaves or capsules from our store.

Nettle tea for weight loss?

Both  acetylcholine and serotonin, two chemicals in nettle tea, help you stop craving things and nettle tea is a diuretic. This means things pass through your body more quickly, preventing stomach bloating, which may make you appear to be fat.

More information

Please feel free to look around our site for more info on the benefits of nettle tea because after all, that’s what this site is all about.


Make Nettle Tea

These easy steps should help you in making most types of nettle tea, and is generally recognised as the best way to make nettle tea.

Step 1)Buy some nettle leaves from our store or find some where you live

Step 2)Prepare one cup for each handful of nettle leaves

Step 3)Boil some water and put it into the cups with the nettle leaves in them

Step 4)Leave it for 10 minutes to remove the spines

Step 5)Heat up again and then drink!

Telling you the health benefits of nettle tea