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Nettle Tea Benefits for Hair!

Ever wondered if there’s a miracle pill or drug to prevent hair loss?

Well, you’re in luck! Nettle tea is a really effective way to grow hair. And what’s even better is that you don’t even have to drink any tea to reap its benefits! By simply rinsing your hair with cold/warm nettle tea (make sure it’s not too hot!) you can grow hair and prevent baldness. Nettle tea has many benefits, from helping with weight loss, to helping people with arthritis, and I think it’s important you take advantage of these benefits.

As usual consult a doctor before taking herbal remedies such as nettle tea.

Nettle Tea Benefits for Acne

Nettle tea has many benefits but one of the less commonly known advantages of drinking it regularly is being able to treat (or sometimes even cure) acne and other skin conditions. Nettle tea and nettle-related food products are all beneficial to your skin. But saying that there is a sensible limit to the amount of nettle tea you should consume, because like all things too much nettle tea can be poisonous* (although please don’t get scared about drinking nettle tea! – it’s poisonous in the same way that too much water would be poisonous).

Nettle tea is very beneficial in many ways and that is what this site is about! – Find out more by looking at some of our other articles.

*Always consult a doctor before taking any herbal remedies or teas.


Nettle Tea Side Effects

Quite often, people ask me if nettle tea has any side effects. The answer is occasionally it does, but unless you consume too much nettle tea, there are almost no negative side effects and in the correct quantities should be very beneficial to your health.

Note: Please remember to speak to your doctor before taking nettle teas or any alternative medications.